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Every year, the URSC is conducting election for the Student Council Representatives. And it also means that a lot of promises will be heard once again from the different parties.

Every student at the University of Rizal System is eligible to vote for Student Council Representatives for their school or college as well as members of the Student Council. But what does the Student Councils do after being elected?

I’ve been in the campus for the last three years, and within that time period same thing just only happen right after one set of student council and right after another, nothing. The words that came out from their mouth from their campaign are so good to listen to. Yes, some of it may be implemented but not the way as you expect it from the way they advertise their platform from their campaign. I have no idea how the way they work in the council but I know that it’s their duty to fulfill their promises and not just to be forgotten.And hope not to make nonsense things just to show that they are making actions or “memalang”. Like a “freedom wall” for instance which happen to have some sort of rules before you can post anything on it. How can you call that “freedom” wall? But not later on it just turn out only to be a bulletin board. I have no against the Student Councils, it’s just so happen that I’m a Student that observing the way how they make things.

And now this year 2016, another set of Student Councils of University of Rizal System Cainta Campus has been elected by the students. It has been a close fight between Ryan Mimis(elected USSG President) and Paul Sabangan in the Presidential position of the two parties, with only having 3 votes discrepancy.And the rest council positions are won fairly majority by the “ACT (Action Changes Things)party”.I’m hoping that this new set of officers will take actions to problem and extend their helping hands to their fellow students to hear out their needs and what actions really needed to be done in the campus.

More than this we would like to send out our vast congratulatory to all the victorious candidates of the new Student Councils of University of Rizal System Cainta Campus 2016.



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